Goat Cheese Spread with Honey

When you have guests and want to serve adult beverages and a snack, cheese, fruit and crackers are perfect.  I was hoping to find the fresh goat cheese spread that our favorite party store usually carries but they were all out.  I have a few good hard, savory, even stinky cheeses to serve but wanted a milder, spreadable cheese.  Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention.  I put together a real simple, 4 ingredient spread that tastes pretty darn good.  Unlike cream cheese, goat cheese has a little kick or zing.  But if you’re one of those people who dislike goat cheese, cream cheese would work in this recipe.


10 oz package goat cheese at room temperature

8 oz lemon (or plain) yogurt

zest of one lemon

2 T honey plus a little more to drizzle

Combine all ingredients in a food processor and blend until everything is incorporated.

Use a spatula to transfer the spread to a serving container and refrigerate.

Before you refrigerate, have a sample first.  Because a good cook tastes everything before serving their guests.

Drizzle wth a little more honey before serving.  Enjoy!

NOTE:  Like I mentioned earlier, this would also be good with cream cheese as well…might taste a little like a bite of cheese cake actually.  You can add a little more zest or honey based on your personal tastes.  May also be good with a little fresh mint or thyme mixed in.


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