In the Beginning…a Blog is Born

I love to cook. I love to feed people. I’m not a gourmet. I have no professional training. I’d never make it on Top Chef or Chopped, but I love to experiment and to try new things. I like to take recipes and ad-lib which is sometimes a necessity because I live in a very rural area. I enjoy sharing my creations with people. Sometimes they are awesome. Sometimes, maybe not. But they are mine!

I hope my blog will entertain you and maybe even inspire you.

PS. My daughter named my blog “The Finnish Dish.” Most of my recipes are not Finnish, but the best parts of me are…so in fact I am the Finnish Dish!

I’m new to the whole concept of blogging so this will be a living, ever changing site. I’ve sectioned the blog so that it makes sense…at least to me. Curious Epicurean will have savory dishes, Chubby Hubby desserts and other sweets, Adult Beverages…well that’s self explanatory. And Crafting After Hours will showcase my knitting and other attempts at artsy things!