Roasted Tomatillo Salsa


I almost always prefer green salsas to red ones.  Unless the green salsa is very hot and the red is not. In New Mexico they use the term “Christmas” when both red and green chilies are used in a dish…or, if you can’t choose your salsa, just tell them you want Christmas.

I like this mild salsa made with tomatillos. Tomatillos look like green tomatoes with a papery covering.  Apparently ripe tomatillos are red or purple but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ripe one. When you choose them in the grocery they should be firm but not hard and the papery husks should be open but intact. They have a hint of citrus flavor and, like tomatoes, they add acid to a dish.  This salsa is very easy to make.

Salsa Ingredients:

6-7 tomatillos

2 jalapeños (seeded or not)

2 poblano peppers

3-4 garlic cloves whole

1 fresh lime

1 small onion rough chopped

Salt to taste


Wash the peppers and tomatillos, halve them and spread them out on a baking sheet along with the whole garlic cloves.


Roast then under the broiler until they are nicely charred.

image image

Add the roasted vegetables along with their juices and the chopped onion into your food processor. Pulse until smooth.  Juice the lime and stir in along with salt to taste.


This roasted tomatillo salsa is great with warm corn chips.


Or on your fish taco. Spicy baked cod, queso fresco (mild Mexican farmers cheese), slaw and salsa.


Or to spice up breakfast.  Potatoes fried with onions and peppers, over easy eggs, crispy bacon and tomatillo salsa.


I love cilantro and, if I had had cilantro on hand, I would have added it to this salsa. Also, I seeded my jalapeños but if you prefer more heat leave the seeds. Whatever modifications you make I hope you enjoy changing up your usual red for a little of the green or opting for Christmas.

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