Hats…tis almost the season

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Eight years ago last month I made the decision to quit smoking after far too many years of indulging that bad habit.  I still have plenty of bad habits, just not that one.  To help keep my hands and mind busy I decided to replace my cigarettes with knitting needles and took a knitting class.  I LOVED it.  While cigarettes have gotten increasingly more expensive I can’t honestly say that my knitting habit has saved me significant amounts of money.  But, I have knit some beautiful things and that gives me great satisfaction.  My new “habit” also brought me together with the greatest group of women ever…the Knit Wits we call ourselves.  We usually meet once a week for lunch and knitting or shopping, or road trips.  We have such good times together.  We are all truly blessed to have each other plus, as a bonus, warm hats and scarves and mittens and sweaters.


(I need a better model for my children’s hats than an owl.)

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