Painted Pinecones

I’ve seen these painted pine cones everywhere. On Pinterest and on Facebook. A very crafty young lady I know had them on her Facebook page which is where I first saw them. Thanks Stephanie!  So I decided to make some of these wanna be zinnias for myself.  When I was in the Upper Peninsula for a music festival I picked up a small bag full of the squat pine cones for painting.


I bought inexpensive paints and brushes, covered a work area and started painting.  I have to admit it was tedious. Very tedious. Some of the paint colors did not cover well like the golds and lavenders and they required multiple coats. I was wishing I had a friend to paint these with while drinking adult beverages but I persevered and finished the pine cones I had.

image image

The paint I chose was flat or matte, whatever the correct term is for dull.  So I got a can of gloss  clear coat, placed the cones on an egg carton and sprayed them. I did three coats total. I liked them much better.

image image

I first arranged them in a wooden bowl. But a friend’s daughter suggested a cylindrical glass container and I had just the thing.


I like them a lot in my candle holder. Thanks Stacey. It could use a few more cones but I’m over the painting mess. I may just spray some natural cones and mix them in.

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