Another Yarn Stash Project


For lack of a better description I am calling this simply, “Another Yarn Stash Project. ”

While in the Upper Peninsula this winter my daughter and her boyfriend found this adorable vase in the Touch of Finland Shop in Marquette. In the store the vase was filled with metal skewers topped with felted yarn balls. We tried to buy them but they weren’t for sale. So I said, “I can make those!”  I got into my wool yarn stash, tried to find colorful bits, and rolled them into tight little balls of varying sizes. Once they were felted and while they were still damp I worked wooden skewers into them and let them dry.  Voila!  Decorative yarn balls on sticks.


The bonus with the wooden skewers is you can cut them into various lengths.  Sometimes NFS turns out to be a good and even an economical thing.


Apparently the extras I made were fun cat toys, minus the skewers of course.

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