Honey Mustard Dressing



I am part of a small group of the very awesome women who get together once a week for lunch and knitting and we call ourselves the Knit Wits. We have the most incredible pot lucks and parties. Sometimes our pot lucks are out of control because we never just each make one thing.  Everyone brings along Rubbermaid containers so we can take leftovers home!  We all love to cook and bake and share recipes.  One of my Knit Wit friends served us a gorgeous salad with honey mustard dressing and the dressing recipe has become one of my favorites. Easy to make.


6 T mayonnaise

3 T Dijon mustard

3 T honey

3 T white wine vinegar

1 T grated onion


I combine all of the ingredients in my mini food processor and pulse a couple of times.


Voila!  Awesome honey mustard dressing.


It’s what was for dinner last night along with smashed cauliflower and herb crusted pork loin.




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