Chocolate Fudge ala Linda


Its been far too long since I have posted to my blog.  I just finished my annual cookie and candy making marathon.  For over 30 years my good friend and I have gotten together to bake and make candy.  Until last year our marathon started Friday evening and ended Sunday evening.  But now my friend has joined the retiree ranks so we have extended our marathoning to a full week.  We are getting older so a week has become more realistic!  We share the cost of all of our groceries and this year we did our shopping together.  Some of the items in our grocery cart included 28 pounds of butter, 10 pounds of brown sugar, 4 dozen eggs, 25 pounds of granulated sugar, and 35 pounds of flour,  and LOTS of nuts and chocolate.  I think our holiday goodies are the best but it’s our long term friendship and the fact that we work so well together that makes this tradition and our cookies and candy even more special.

A couple of years ago we changed our fudge recipe and started using one that a friend shared with us.  I cannot eat chocolate but everyone says this is the best chocolate fudge.  It’s creamy, smooth and smells amazing.


(Peanut Butter Fudge recipe to follow later.)


1 stick butter (1/2 cup)

1 can evaporated milk (14 oz)

4 1/2 cups of sugar

8 oz miniature marshmallows

2 oz Bakers unsweetened chocolate

8 oz Bakers semi sweet chocolate

8 oz Bakers german chocolate

1 T vanilla

1 1/2 cup walnuts rough chopped


Combine the butter, milk and sugar in a heavy saucepan.  Cook over medium heat stirring constantly until the sugar dissolves and the mixture comes to a full boil.  Turn off the heat and cover for five minutes.  (I don’t know what magic that does but I’m into following rules so I do just what her recipe says.)  Uncover and stir in the marshmallows.  Stir until nearly melted.


Add three kinds of chocolate in the order listed above stirring after each addition until the chocolate is completely melted.  First the unsweetened.  Next the semi-sweet.  And finally the german chocolate.


Again, I’m not sure why that particular order but just do it.  Stir in the vanilla and the nuts if you are adding nuts.


Generously butter a 9×13 pan and pour the fudge into the pan.  Allow the fudge to cool completely before cutting.  I guarantee you this will be a big hit with family and friends.  Enjoy.